5 ways to transform your home into a smart home

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The home that operates by remote is no longer science fiction. The Internet of Things (IoT) has entered our living

rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Smart devices that work on voice commands, follow instructions are already, and they aren’t only for the geeky or the extremely wealthy.

A smart home works on the principle of connectivity of appliances and devices that control them.

Most tech companies are now enabling home products that are compatible with smartphones or virtual hardware. With IoT your devices and appliances can even communicate amongst themselves without you having to do it yourself. Wonder what can make your home smart? Here are 5 ways to help you get there

(1).smart lighting

There are individual bulbs as well as entire lighting systems and for the home that can be controlled. In fact, home to control your home’s lighting, as long as you have a reliable and internet connection. Forgot to turn off the lights aur leaving for office? No worries just switch it off with your phone. Even existing systems can also be automated by replacing the regular switches with smart switches.

(2).smart security

Smart cameras make it easy to monitor your home from wherever you are, allowing you to view the our mobile phone screen. Unusual activity at home is notified via alerts to the smartphone. These security cameras, connected to your phones through an app, don’t just help avoid burglaries, they help you to keep a watchful eye on children and pets as well.

With Airtel’s superfast 4G, you can monitor your house from anywhere, whether you are in office or out camping with your family. Airtel has also been pioneering IoT in India with its Smart Wearable solutions. The smart watch and the smart belt come with fall detection, health monitoring sensors and more to ensure that your loved ones are always safe. If there’s an incident, the device will automatically let others know of the situation and the location.

(3).smart audio

Multi-room audio systems from companies like speakers that can be kept in every room and connect via wi-fi. Your smartphone can select tracks high-quality speakers that also connect to your TV for a better experience. Some of these speakers work with Amazon’s Alexa assistant, allowing you to integrate it into your smartphone easily. You no longer need different apps to play music in different rooms!

(4).smart sensors

Sensors are the eyes and ears of a smart home system. Smart sensors pick up motion, smoke, and any unusual activity and send alerts to your smartphone instantly. There will be not only this tech completely, but also try will be connected to a fast network like Airtel 4G. The sensors not only the temperature but to keep them at ambient levels lighting according to time of day even before you reach home!

(5).smart irritation

Managing your garden, whether outdoors or in your balcony, and not in the soil and tackle the watering times not for your plants. Even when you are traveling, your plants don’t suffer!
The future is already at our doorstep. These smart devices, geared for the future, work a super-fast network that doesn’t let you down at any time. Were not only whole world is getting smarter with internet, why not make your home smart as well?hownwow03@gmail.com

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