Here is how you can jumpstart your weight loss mission

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Here is how you can jumpstart your weight loss mission Weight loss, we all know, is not an easy task. It requires discipline and determination in terms of what we eat and how active we are. While new diet trends gain popularity with their incredible and miraculous promises,and few days of good results on our body’s

nutritionists are of the opinion that no single meal plan can be a solution for all. Similarly, an exercise regime which can work wonders for one person may not be effective in case of another case

Exercise and diet plans have to be tailor made for each, based on their habits, taste buds and physical conditions. Another corner stone of   is staying active through the day.

Though there are no generic rules for weight loss, some golden rules are there for sure. Here, we take you through them.

Don’t skip your breakfast

The body needs in the morning to get started breakfast. A balanced breakfast, metabolism remains lethargic, increasing the chance of you having larger meals throughout the day.

Take weight loss seriously For the best weight loss results, you need to stick to a strict routine and to be able to follow a routine, you need to be serious about weight loss. It takes the body some time to start responding to a new routine and slip-ups are not helpful. So get serious and stay focused and regular to follow the rules and work as best loss weight result

Stay active through the day

Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of activity to your daily routine to complement the healthy diet and boost weight loss and regular of few days active your workouts.

Cut back your carb intake

Studies show that cutting carbs from your diet can help you lose two to three times more weight than when you reduce fats. This does not mean completely cutting out carbs; try to avoid processed foods made with refined flour and include whole grains and leafy and starchy vegetables for the right dose of complex carbs.

Include good fats in your meals

Both mono and polyunsaturated fats are the healthy fats that our body needs. They can help with weight loss, when consumed in moderation, of course, so the next time you go grocery shopping look for walnuts, salmon, flaxseeds, avocados and coconut oil.

Say ‘No’ to sugar

When you eat sugary foods, the body tends to burn the sugars instead of fat for energy. When you avoid sugar, the body is forced to burn fat, thus leading to weight loss. For best results, avoid white sugar, sweetened drinks and cereals, desserts, and even granola bars that claim to be healthy.

Pay special attention to proteins

It is one of the most important nutrients, especially when trying to lose weight. Proteins can help rev up the body’s metabolism and get the body to burn more calories. They can also increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass, which is essential for weight loss. Eggs, whey protein, plant-based protein powders and lean meats are some of the best sources of protein.

Rely on vegetables

To start off in the right direction, try replacing one meal a day with a salad or soup to reduce your calorie intake and incorporate more vegetables. This way, you still get to eat three main meals, while effectively boosting weight loss.

Keep yourself hydrated

Since water has zero calories, it is the best form of hydration for the body. When you choose to replace a glass of fruit juice (which may be healthy) with water, you can easily reduce your calorie and sugar intake. Drinking water can also reduce your total intake of food because a glass of water before a meal can help you feel fuller faster.

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